Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How Mobile Technology Has Helped the World

Mobile Technology on Improving the World

Mobile technology is becoming the trend of the world. More and more people have become subscribers of cellular phones. No simply sellular complaints because the world needs mobile phones to improve.


simply-sellular-complaints on mobile technology on educationCell phones have been a great educational tool. However, some schools do not allow their students to bring their mobile phones during class; it has still proved to be an important device in education. Recently, educational materials can be easily accessed by teachers, students and even parents via online. In colleges, some schools now offer online courses wherein students from all over the world can apply and take online. Students can now research using their mobile devices, prepare reports using the PowerPoint app on their cellular device.

Data Collection

Social working stations both local and international can now collect data from all over the world with the help of cell phones. With just a click, people can now vote or cast their surveys or polls. Collecting data is now in your palm.


Mobile technology has also been a great help for rural agriculture. These devices have allowed local farmers to check market prices instead of travelling long distances to cities and markets. These allow them to do negotiations and trade using cell phones at the comfort of their homes. There is also a phone application to track livestock reproduction. The application also helps keep track of feed types, schedules, local veterinary contact information and precise market prices of cattle. They can also check the internet and use an app that monitors the weather.

Banking and Finance

simply-sellular-complaints after mobile technology on banking and financeMost people have bank accounts but before only a few has the time to go to the bank and check their accounts on a regular basis. Now, people can already enroll their bank accounts online via mobile their mobile devices allowing them to monitor the credit and debits of their account. They can also transfer money from one place to all parts of the world via mobile banking. Paying of bills can now be done with ease and on time.


The growth of mobile health technologies have changed the way healthcare is delivered all over the world. We now have mobile applications that can even monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, BMI and even the height and weight that have an immense benefit that provide individuals to access health resources. They can also access informative articles on the net using their mobile data whenever they need them. People are no longer clueless on specific health news diseases as they can also be updated on certain news regarding what’s up.

Images by ambroseandrei and godstent church used under Creative Commons License